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Policy For Student/Parents

How much tutor charge?

It all depends upon tutor’s qualification, experience, number of days, time etc. We suggest all parents have a meeting and demonstration first, if they are satisfied with the tutor then they can discuss fee or any other matter in the meeting. If there is a need for settlement, the academy can play a role regarding a settlement.

What is your selection criteria for tutors?

It’s very clear. We have been using plenty of channels to promote its services so that we could make our students/parents/tutors satisfied through our tutoring services. Tutors visit here through different marketing channels, we get their NIC, photos, Current/Last qualification statement proof etc and our detailed form. We were not supposed to register those candidates who’s NIC belongs to other than Karachi, but now we have changed our policy for those who live here but their NIC belongs other than Karachi. We ask those tutors to submit their neighbor’s NIC copy as a proof and also ask parents to verify tutors NIC verification through academy.

What about payment criteria?

We receive first payment in advance from our client through our rider and in return flyer, visiting card and receipt of that payment given to the client. Next payment will be made to tutors directly, it’s all up to the parents whether to give advance or monthly fee.

What if tutors get advance payment and leave the tuition?

It does not happen usually, as it is mentioned above first payment will be made to the academy directly. If you do not give advance payment to the academy, we will not be responsible for any tutor. For the rest of the payment afterwards will be made to the tutors directly, if tutors get advance and leave the tuition, you are required to inform the academy, we would provide you the replacement of that tutor.

Is it necessary to inform FAHAD Tutors about tutor’s confirmation?

Yes, it is necessary to inform us, If you do not inform us about any tutor’s confirmation, the academy will not be responsible for any future events.

How can we arrange tutors from your academy?

It’s very easy. Make a call on 92-300-2391994 / 92-310-9995996 or submit student’s details through our website. Our representative would talk to you, get all requirements etc and send a tutor accordingly.

Can we have a meeting with more than one tutor?

Yes, you can ask our representative to provide you more than one tutors that you and your student could have a meeting and demonstration class (Free of cost) and if you are not satisfied with the tutor, you can have another demonstration class from another tutor.

Do you provide tutors for IELTS & English Language?

Yes, academy consist hundreds of qualified and experienced English Language and IELTS professionals, you can have a meeting and demonstration class with them. Who would judge student’s level of understanding and caliber, according to the judgment, they suggest students which level to start from. You can start your studies after confirmation to the academy.

Do you provide tutors for university admission test preparation?

Yes, we have been inducting students in their desired universities and colleges for past eight years through our platform. Academy consist hundreds of colleges and institutes lecturers who have been giving their services for many years. In this segment, different methodologies and techniques used to complete the entry test paper within the limited time.

Do you provide online tutoring?

Yes, we have been providing services to the residents of Pakistan and outside Pakistan including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, etc. for many years. There are different online tools to use for the online tutoring, our tutors provide their services through Skype usually. If you are comfortable with the other tool, you can ask our tutors to use it.

Can we get free demo class?

Yes, it’s your right to have a demonstration class (free of cost) if you are satisfied with the tutor and start studies then demonstration class/classes will be added in the pay cycle of the tutor.

What if we are not satisfied with the tutor?

If you are not satisfied with tutors, try to complete the month and contact us for the replacement of that tutor.

Do you arrange group tuition?

Yes, we arrange group tuition at our academy for the minimum six students in each batch.

What security measures do you have for sending a tutor?

As we have mentioned above, after tutors confirmation from your side, you are required to verify tutors from the academy through their NIC number. It is in our record where we are providing our services and who the engaged tutors are, but due to the security concerns you need to fulfil the requirements (NIC verification) further parents must have security measures, we are not charging even a single penny as a service charges, it is request to you to be careful as well

Do you Provide tutors for schools?

Yes, we provide school teachers as well according to the requirements.

What is your criteria about referring your tutors for schools?

It’s all about the school management’s requirements, tutors are filtered according to the requirement and referred. The school management will be responsible to pay 50% tutor’s first month salary directly to the academy and remaining 50% salary will be issued to the tutor directly.

Do you provide female tutors as well?

Yes, we provide female tutors as well according to the parent’s requirements. However, sometimes, aged and experienced male tutors are referred after approval of the parents.

Phone: +92 3002391994
             +92 3109995996
Block M North Nazimabad Karachi
Address Bhayani shopping center